Hindupur MP Candidate Complains To AP CEO About Police Officials

22 Mar, 2019 19:56 IST|Sakshi
Hindupur YSRCP candidate Gorantla Madhav

Amaravati: Hindupur YSR Congress Party candidate for the Lok Sabha, Gorantla Madhav met the Chief Election Officer of Andhra Pradesh Gopalakrishna Dwivedi to compain about the non-compliance of Tribunal orders by the AP government. Madhav expressed his anger over the manner in which the DIG of Kurnool was avoiding responsibility in the matter and violating court orders. It is shameful for a senior police officer to avoid him and not relieve him from his duties, though he had resigned from his position as CI on December 30,2018, Madhav added.

Gorantla Madhav had applied for VRS more than two months ago. With the AP state government not acting in the matter and employing dilatory tactics to deny Madhav's nomination from going through, the former CI took to legal recourse. The Tribunal directed the AP government to relieve Gorantla Madhav from his duties and act on his VRS application immediately.

The TDP government has not yet responded to the Tribunal order, following which Gorantla Madhav met the Chief Election Officer of Andhra Pradesh Gopalakrishna Dwivedi to apprise him of the developments in the case and the need for Election Commission's immediate intervention. Madhav told the AP CEO that he was not being relieved to make it easy for the TDP candidate to win. The AP police officials were making a mockery of democracy, he said. The former CI pointed out that Intelligence chief AB Venkateswara Rao was behind this entire exercise. He added that the Kurnool DIG as acting as per the wishes of the Addl. DG Intelligence, AB Venkateswara Rao. Madhav revealed to the media that he apprised the CEO of the brazen manner in which IPS officials were backing a political party and working for the ruling party in contravention of service rules.

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