Balayya’s Arrival Fails To Enthuse TDP Cadre In Hindupur  

21 Mar, 2019 13:57 IST|Sakshi

Hindupur: Telugu Desam Party (TDP) Hindupur MLA, actor Balakrishna aka Balayya Babu has achieved more fame for his violent eccentricities than for his social work in his constituency and in the Telugu States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

The actor/MLA who has a sizeable fan following even now can be seen raising his hand, leg and mouth spewing obscenities whenever a fan tries to get too close to him. Whether it's just to shake his hand or take a selfie, no one is spared and fans end up getting a tight slap across their faces leaving them befuddled as to what they had done wrong.

Of late, videos where he is shown slapping a fan or TDP leader or the even more infamous "BulBul" blooper are a perennial hit on social media and a major form of entertainment for the youth.

It may be recalled that during the course of campaigning for Telangana elections held on December 7, 2018 Balakrishna tried to recite the opening lines from Iqbal's 'Saare Jahan se Achha' and got them hopelessly muddled up. Hence, the "Bul-bul balayya" sobriquet.

The sad part is that his fans and the public in his own constituency fear his arrival for election campaigning. There have been several instances in the past starting from his first campaign in Hindupur in 2014 where he kicked a TDP worker. This episode raised a huge ruckus among the TDP cadre in those days.

On October 3 2017 as part of government program when he was touring a municipal ward in Boyapeta in Hindupur, a fan named Maruti went to greet him, but the eccentric actor slapped him leaving the onlookers stunned as to what he had done wrong. They later consoled Maruti and took him aside. After that episode, even the TDP leaders and party cadre have maintained a "safe" distance from him.

During the Nandyal By poll campaign in 2017, many of his fans thronged to see him outside the hotel where he was staying. Some of them wanted to garland him with the "gajamala" , but a small scuffle ensued between them ticking off the actor's temper. He abused them with profanities and even kicked one of the fans. Upset with his behaviour his fans were deeply hurt and criticised his rude behaviour.

In Vijaywada again in 2017 when asked to speak during the inauguration of the AP Film Development Corporation, he asked the Media to get out. He also abused the RTC staff who had come to share their problems with him.

In 2018 in Khammam when Balayya was touring Mittapalli , his overenthusiastic fans surrounded his convoy. Upset with their behaviour he got down the car and went berserk while thrashing and abusing the fans. The enraged fans burnt TDP flexis and protested against his rude behaviour.

Off late Balayya's behaviour hasn't gone down too well with the TDP cadre in Hindupur. They are wary and rather prefer maintaining a safe distance from the leader than get trounced by Balakrishna.

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