Note For Vote Case Could Seal Chandrababu’s Political Fate

8 Mar, 2019 11:05 IST|Sakshi
Cash-For-Vote Scam

Hyderabad: If justice prevails in the Note-for-Vote Case which shook the nation in 2015, this could certainly spell the end of the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu's "40 years" political career.

Twists and turns in the case may have partially erased it from the public mind. Nevertheless, the relentless pursuit by the legal system despite Chandrababu's tactics to put the case on the back-burner might not work after all.

One only nned to search for Vote- for-Note case or Cash- for-Vote case on Google, to learn about the sordid details and extent of involvement of the accused. The particulars of the case centre around the then TDP MLA, Revanth Reddy, and the audio tape which went viral highlighting Chandrababu Naidu's reported role in the scam. It was widely speculated that Chandrababu Naidu left Hyderabad in a hurry almost foregoing AP's claim on the joint capital status which he used to harp on right after bifurcation.

Revanth Reddy who was one of the spearheads of the TDP in 2015 when the case broke out, has shifted his loyalties to the Congress and is Working President of TPCC. Revanth continues to stay in the limelight while making the rounds to the CBI offices and now to the Enforcement Directorate office in Hyderabad. His offices and residence, as also those of his some of his associates, were raided in September 2018 by the Income Tax authorities. On Wednesday fresh evidence in the form of a 11-minute video featuring TDP leader Sebastian carrying out negotiations with TRS nominated MLA Stephenson, luring him with Rs 5 Crore to vote for the TDP Candidate in the 2015 MLC election has surfaced.

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In the new video Sebastian is seen telling the TRS MLA that though the initial amount okayed by AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu was Rs 3.3 Crores at Sebastian’s behest, the TDP supremo had agreed to Rs 5 Crores. Sebastian is further seen assuring Stephenson on the delivery of the balance amount.Once Stephenson put the Rs 50 Lakhs cash on the table , Revanth Reddy is seen leaving the place , but Stephenson stayed back and is seen talking about his commission and percentage for setting up the deal and ensuring that Sebastian gets Rs 5 Crore and not Rs 3.5 Crore as promised earlier.

The fourth minute in the Video confirms "Babu's " role in the scam

Sebastian to Stephenson: “Mediators are also there. Actually, Babu said he will give only Rs 3-3.Rs 5 crore, but I insisted. I sincerely requested and took up the responsibility (of increasing the money). I have taken the responsibility. "Babu" is trusting me, but you (Elvis) are trusting Revanth Reddy, thus he was brought into the picture.”

Even though it is not clear which Babu they are referring to, it appear both Elvis and Sebastian know who they are dealing with. The video concludes at the scene where Revanth was picked up by ACB where he is seen arguing with the officials over his arrest .

Check out the Video here: Note for Vote Case: New Evidence Surfaces

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