Chandrababu Has Made The DWCRA Groups Dysfunctional: Vasireddy Padma

27 Jan, 2019 14:50 IST|Sakshi
YSR Congress party official spokesperson Vasireddy Padma

Hyderabad: YSR Congress party official spokesperson Vasireddy Padma took potshots at Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu over the issue of loan waiver to DWCRA groups.

Vasireddy Padma questioned Chandrababu about the loan waiver he promised, before the polls. She remarked that there is no truth in the words uttered by Chandrababu in the Pasupu- Kunkuma meetings. She observed that instead of waiving the loans, Chandrababu has further pushed the DWCRA groups into debts. The banks are issuing notices to the self help groups, it is learnt.

The YSRCP leader questioned as to when Chandrababu will distribute Rs 10,000, the amount he promised at the Pasupu- Kunkuma meetings.

Vasireddy Padma criticised Chandrababu  that he had earlier promised to distribute smart phones to women in self-help groups, which never took place and now he makes a new announcement that the government would distribute cheques for loan waiver for the DWCRA groups. With this he has started a new drama altogether she said.

The YSRCP leader observed, Chandrababu had left the DWCRA groups to the wind in the past four years, and now all of a sudden Chandrababu promises the first Cheque for Rs 2500 in February, the second cheque for Rs 3500 by 8 March, the third one by 5 April for Rs 4000. She later questioned that once the elections notification schedule is released in February will the cheques be valid then also ?

Padma remarked that Chandrababu is trying to evade the money promised to self-help groups as he did earlier after winning the polls in 2014.  If the amount of Rs 10,000 is granted that will become a part of the revolving fund, that means women are not going to be benefited anyways with the sanctioned amount, it is learnt.

Padma recollected that minister Paritala Sunitha has announced in the assembly that no money was released under the proposed loan waiver from 2014-2018 and now, the government has distributed outdated Cheques to self-help groups just before the release of notification by election commission.

The YSRCP spokesperson heavliy came down upon Chandrababu and said, "Chandrababu has made the DWCRA groups dysfunctional, but now he is promoting himself as their savior."

She revealed that Chandrababu has not waived any loan. She said, "Chandrababu makes a tall claim that it is TDP which got the women the right to property, but in truth he has swindled his siblings' property."

Talking about the YSRCP Chief YS Jagan, she added that YS Jagan has promised to waive the loans of the self-help groups in four phases and pension to all the women above 45 years. YS Jagan has promised Rs 75,000 to poor women from the SC, ST, BC, Minority sections. She added, that empowering women is not possible by distributing invalid cheques, like the way Chandrababu does and dozens of DWCRA women are on the up rise for the bank notices being sent to them asking for the loans to be cleared and also the fake cheques distributed to hoodwink them she said.  The credit of cheating women by taking the name Pasupu- Kunkuma which is consider sacred by them, goes to Chandrababu, she concluded.

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