And The ‘Two’ Lived Happily Ever After

25 Sep, 2016 10:47 IST|Sakshi
The two women began living together and even joined the same college.

Indore: Its an international love story - only both the lovers are women.

The woman, Naina, from Indore in Madhya Pradesh met Jannat of Bangladesh on Facebook. Their casual meeting blossomed into exchange of phone numbers, love and to a situation where they could not stay away from each other. The result - Jannat packed her bags and landed in Indore. She even joined the same college that Naina was studying in. Meanwhile, Naina on her part convinced her parents to let Jannat stay with her.

As time passed by, Naina’s parents found a groom for her and wanted to get her married. Naina’s condition for marriage being, Jannat will stay with her post-marriage too. Though shocked at the strange condition for marriage, the parents agreed believing she will change her attitude after the wedding. Therefore, they hid the Jannat issue from prospective suitors. They got her married to local lad Mahesh. After the wedding, Naina told Mahesh that Jannat will go with them for the honeymoon.

The women locked up the groom in the hotel room and began going out. When questioned, Naina filed a harassment case against him.

Once the trio reached the honeymoon destination - Goa - the women used to lock Mahesh in the hotel room and spend time outside. When questioned by Mahesh, Naina filed a harassment case against him at a Women’s Police Station. However, the police smelt something fishy.

During their investigations, the police discovered that Naina and Jannat considered themselves to be husband and wife. In Jannat’s phone, Naina’s number has been saved as ‘wife’ while Naina’s phone had Jannat’s mobile number as ‘hubby’. The police also revealed that Naina’s parents have agreed to let Jannat and Naina live together. The two women, on their part, have agreed to withdraw the harassment case against Mahesh.

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