Ambati Rambabu demands completion of Polavaram

18 Apr, 2015 15:25 IST|Sakshi
Ambati Rambabu demands completion of Polavaram

YSRCP Leader Ambati Rambabu demanded theTDP government to complete Polavaram Project soon if he really wants welfare of Rayalseema people.

Speaking to media at the YSRCP party office, Ambati said, "There was a massive response to YS Jagan's bus yatra from all parts of state. instead of speaking ill of YS Jagan,TDP people must work for the benefit of people"
"In the greediness to earn 300 crores, Chandrababu Naidu started Pattiseema Project. The foundation of Pattiseema project will be ruining stone for TDP" added the leader. Ambati demanded the completion of Polavaram which will benefit many people of state. referring to Sheshachalam killings, Ambati wondered the reason behind CM Chandrababu Naidu's silence on the incident. He suggested Babu to answer the questions on the encounter which killed as many as 20 poor laborers.

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