All the conspiracies reach a climax

15 Apr, 2013 14:30 IST|Sakshi
All the conspiracies reach a climax

  The Congress and TDP are desperate to find ways to put a stop to the crowds rushing to join the YSRC party

They did find a way!
An attack against YSR himself! It is planned and choreographed from the Centre.
The Ministers Anam and  PCC chief Botsa Satyanarayana echo the words of  Chandra Babu Naidu, and the other TDP leaders join the chorus. It is quite evident that crying foul had reached a crescendo because the Supreme Court is going to take up the case of the bail petition of Jagan and everything should be done to prevent him from getting the bail.  The common man in the state is amazed at the three pronged attack on YSR by the ruling Party, TDP and the Yellow Media.
Having come to a conclusion that they cannot face the YSRCP politically, the Congress and the TDP decided to join hands to strengthen their attack. The agreement between the ruling party and the opposition is no longer a secret.
The remarks made by the ministers Anam, Parthasarathi  and PCC chief Botsa have taken off the mask covering this unholy union.
Earlier, the Congress tried to cash in on the enormous popularity of YSR among the people due to the many welfare programmes launched by him, by singing outwardly his praises, but in secret they went on undermining all such programmes. This turned the people against them and people showed their dissatisfaction by voting for YSRCP in the by-elections.

Unprecendented support for Sharmila’s Prajayathra
Congress and TDP leaders are spending sleepless nights watching the hordes of people following Sharmila in her padayatra titled maro praja prasthanam. By contrast, there is only lukewarm response from the people for Chandra Babu’s  Vasthunna Meekosam.
Till now, the Congress leaders gave only tacit support, to the baseless criticism made by TDP against YSR. They only targeted YSR family. But they are aghast to see some of their own party members, joining YSRCP. They decided that desperate measures are needed to put an end, to shore up their dwindling support among the people. The Congress now openly joins hands with TDP to  attack YSR. Two News papers in Yellow Media gives them solid support by publishing all the baseless allegations made against YSR.

Chandra Babu  under the direction of Congress
For the last three years Chandra Babu Naidu was being directed by the High Command . Now even the Congress leaders at the state joined have hands with him. They no longer pretend that YSR was a Congress leader. The High Command seemed to have directed both the partners in the conspiracy, to intensify their attacks against YSR. The Congress government at the state had introduced many new welfare programmes, but the people are hardly impressed. There is no stopping of Congress leaders and party workers from leaving their own party to join Jagan’s cadre.

Anam brothers in Nellore
 Anam brothers are big leaders in Nellore district. But politically they are facing opposition from their own people. Hence they have joined this new mission ‘Target YSR’. They are desperately trying to catch the attention of the High Command by making statements that they put their signatures because YSR told them to do so and that it would be justified if Jagan were to be hanged.




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