Air India Mumbai-New York Flight Diverts to Kazakhstan

25 Aug, 2016 12:49 IST|Sakshi
Air India’s Boeing 777-300 ER plane was diverted and landed at Kazakhstan international airport at around 08:00am owing to technical reasons.

Mumbai: A Newark-bound Air India flight, carrying around 300 passengers, from here was on Thursday diverted to Kazakhstan due to technical issues. The Boeing 777-300 ER plane landed at an international airport in Kazakhstan at around 08:00am after some alarm went off.

Air India is dispatching a relief aircraft from New Delhi to ferry the stranded passengers from Kazakhstan to New York.

An airline spokesperson said “the flight was diverted due to technical reasons. There was some alarm that went off and the engineers are inspecting the flight.”

In a tweet, the airline said the flight has been diverted on account of operational reasons and that all passengers are being taken care of. Generally, Boeing 777-300 ER has seating capacity for around 350 people.

Source: PTI

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