After KCR, Nayini praises Nizam

3 Jan, 2015 18:56 IST|Sakshi
After KCR, Nayini praises Nizam

Two days after Telangana chief minister KCR praised Nizam to the skies, his home minister Nayini Narasimha Reddy on Saturday repeated the same.

He said 99 per cent of Nizam's rule was golden and was marked by good governance. "Only one per cent was bad," he said. He also said that Nizam did not kill the legendary tribal freedom fighter Komuram Bheem. "It was Nizam's army which killed him," argued the home minister.
He also said that the TRS would extend issue based support to the MIM. He further said that the TDP and the Congress leaders were criticising the TRS only for their survival.

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