3 Hyderabadi youth try to join ISIS, get arrested

26 Dec, 2015 12:27 IST|Sakshi
3 Hyderabadi youth try to join ISIS, get arrested

Has dreaded and deadly ISIS managed to penetrate into Hyderabad? The arrest of three final year Engineering students from Hyderabad in Nagpur shows that ISIS has an allure from local youth.

In a joint operation by Telangana and Maharashtra police, three youths were arrested from Nagpur airport on Saturday morning. They were identified as Hasan Farooq, Omar Farooqi and Abdul Wasim. The trio left Hyderabad by road to Nagpur and were trying to board an Indigo flight to Srinagar. From Srinagar, they planned to take land route to Syria through Pakistan and Afghanistan.
The Hyderabad police, who kept a tab on these youth, tracked their movement to Nagpur and arrested them with the help of Maharashtra police. Preliminary investigations showed that two of the three youths have already visited Afghanistan once.
This is the third instance of ISIS-related incident in Hyderabad. Earlier, a girl tried to join ISIS. A woman tried to lure youth into ISIS.

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