3 Hours After ‘Nikha’, Woman Divorces Husband And Weds Another Man

2 May, 2017 10:13 IST|Sakshi
Mumtaz Ansari garlanded with chappals

Ranchi: A woman divorced her husband within 3 hours after nikha and married another man in Jharkhand.

Rubana Parwin(18) was married to Mumtaz Ansari on April 26. After the marriage the bride groom demanded for a bike and even told the bride's father Bashiruddin that he does not take the girl to his home until he get a bike. In the spot the Bashiruddin bought a bike and gifted to his son-in-law. He again refused to take the bike saying that he want pulsar bike. The family members and relatives tried to compel him but he did not change his mind.

After seeing the bridegroom's attitude, Rubana told her parents that she did not need her husband anymore and alleged that he would later torture her and demanded divorce from him. On hearing daughter's decision Rubana's father called 'Khaja', the Muslim religious head to cancel the marriage. Khaja came to the marriage hall and cancelled the marriage after which the bride's father again made arrangements for his daughter's marriage with Mohammad Ilias on same day. Rubana was again married to Ilias.

Rubana was again married to Mohammad Ilias

Meanwhile, the head of the community Khaja tonsured Mumtaz and garlanded him with chappals and sent him back to his home.

community head tonsuring Mumtaz Ansari
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